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You Keep Eating Pineapple Wrong, Stop It!

Published on 28 Apr 2019 / In How-To & Guide

Hey there! Do you like pineapples? Do you usually cut it up into slices, chunks, or rings? But what if I told you that you don't need to do that at all? Surprised? Well, looks like pineapples are not what they seem! You only need a knife to cut off the top of the pineapple – the part with those spiky leaves. Then all that’s left is to pick off separate fruitlets and enjoy!

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Pineapple is a berry! 0:37
When pinecones were pineapples 1:06
Growing a pineapple is easy (except for the 3-year wait) 1:42
Why pineapples are good for you 2:34
Foods that we were absolutely wrong about:
- Kiwi 4:15
- Eggs 4:36
- Strawberry 4:54
- Pistachios 5:12
- Banana 5:28
- Apple 5:42
- Pomegranate 5:56

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- On the outside of pineapple, it looks like it has some kind of scales, which are actually berries, fused together during the growth and ripening process. It has a lot more in common with a raspberry than with an apple if you think about it.
- The name was changed to “pine cones” in 1694, but pineapples, which resembled pine cones to the explorers, have kept their original name to this very day.
- For the fruit to fully grow it takes an astonishing 3 years! That makes it quite clear why this delicious stuff costs so much!
- Pineapples are literally jam-packed with vitamins and other important nutrients. They contain so much vitamin C, for example, that they can ease the symptoms of a cold or even the flu!
- Kiwi is much easier to eat without peeling off its fuzzy skin at all – just cut off one side and enjoy it with a spoon. You know, like with a boiled egg!
- Speaking of eggs, did you know that you don’t have to pick every little scale of eggshell from it? Its way easier to just press a boiled egg against a table and roll it a couple of times from side to side.
- Cleaning a strawberry using a straw? How come so few of us know about this trick? Well, yeah, you can put a straw through a berry and its green cap pops off just like that!
- Pistachios are generally known to be difficult to open. It turns out they can be easily opened with the shell of one that’s already been eaten.
- Most of us are so distant from nature that we can mess up even peeling a banana. But monkeys sure know the deal, and they peel bananas from the bottom; not from the top like we do.
- Stop throwing away the center of the apple! Seriously, you won’t even notice it if you eat an apple from the bottom up.
- Afraid of a pomegranate? I was too, but no more: it’s now known that the key to seeding it is just a bowl of water.

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