Why Phones Are Getting Slow These Days

Published on 16 Nov 2019 / In Technology & Science

Ah, that new-phone thrill! Yet just a few months later, you notice what was once the sportscar of phones is now crawling like an old clunker. Why does that happen, and how can you speed yours up?

It’ll struggle when it has too many apps installed and running in the background, there’s hardly any storage space on it, it’s overworked and overheated, your operating system is out-of-date, and your battery deserves a happy retirement. It can also just be a matter of perception when you see an ad for a newer model and think of yours as something outdated and slow. But let’s see what you can do to speed your phone up!

Give it a restart 1:52
Update your phone 2:26
Free up some space 3:00
Sort your apps 3:39
Try lightweight versions of apps 4:17
Turn down the graphics 4:34
Clear your cache 4:59
Turn Bluetooth on only when you need it 5:39
Disable automatic background processes 5:50
Replace the battery 6:27
Restore to factory settings 7:00

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- As simple as it sounds, sometimes just restarting your phone is all it needs to kick it into high gear. The reason for its snail’s pace is often a misbehaving app.
- Keeping your Operating System up-to-date is good for your gadget because updates include the latest security patches and fixes for some common issues.
- Your phone needs at least 10% of available storage free to be able to function correctly. You can see how much storage you have and which folders or apps are eating the most memory in your Settings.
- Most phones come with bloatware – apps that are pre-installed and useless if we’re being honest. Sometimes you also install apps to get a discount at a store or just to try it out.
- If you just can't say good riddance to some bulky apps, at least replace them with lighter versions.
- An ambient display keeps you up-to-date with all the important notifications, and you don't even have to unlock your phone to see them. But… it eats up your battery life, and you know what it does to your phone speed already.
- Your built-in browser keeps a cache of the web pages you visit with cookies, login information, and other data to help you navigate through them easier. But when the cache is too full, your phone slows down.
- Hey, is your Bluetooth on right now? Is it connected to anything? If not, then turn it off. It’s a real drag for your phone!
- The older your phone's battery gets, the more likely it is to shut down unexpectedly, even when it was charged well enough.
- Resetting your phone deletes all the apps and data you’ve had on it, so make sure you back it up on cloud storage or a computer before you wipe it clean.

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