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The 2020 Song - A Year In Review We Didn't Start The Fire Parody

Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In News & Matters / Year in Review

We Didn't Start The Fire....The 2020 Version. Written by Tessa Netting and Joe Moses (Production by Corbin Sterling) ⬇ LYRICS + MORE BELOW ⬇

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IT IS HERE. My 2020 Year In Review Song which will be my LAST year in review song that I do on this channel. The 2010 Song was the first video I ever uploaded, so ending at 2020 felt right to me.

A huge thank you to my fiancé Joe who helped me write this song (and has helped me since 2013) and to my friend Corbin Sterling who made me the perfect instrumental track and mixed my vocals. Love you boys.

And finally, this parody is fun and lighthearted, but I know this year has been extremely rough for so many people. So many of us have been dealing with death, loss, fear, uncertainty, anxiety…this global pandemic has completely disrupted and changed our lives. If you have lost your job or lost a loved one please know that your anger, your sadness, your fear is completely valid. And if you’re watching this please take this virus seriously and continue to wear a mask! You could save a life.

Thank god this year is over. Love you guys.

✷ ✷ ✷ LYRICS ✷ ✷ ✷

“We Didn’t Stop The Virus”

Harry Meghan, WWIII, Protest for Democracy
Mr. Peanut, Trump Impeachment, Cheering on a show
Wildfires, Liam exit, UK with a formal Brexit
Kobe Bryant, Billie Eilish, W.H.O.

Super Bowl - Chiefs won, Buttigieg, Nancy’s done
Trump won Impeachment fight, Oscar wins for Parasite
Roger Stone and Weinstein - Go to jail you’re guilty!
Birds of Prey and Sonic movie, COVID spreading worldwide

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
It was just beginning
I’m not sick of winning
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
No it wasn’t pretty
And it’s getting shitty

COVID-19, Lock it down, We’re in a Pandemic now
Toilet paper, Sanitizer, Did you just cough?
Homeschool, Market fall, Now I’m in a Zoom call
Shut down, Cancelled, We all got laid off!

Tik Tok, Hands clean, Tom Nook made me Quarantine
Joe Exotic, Travel ban, Got $1200, Disneyland
Bo Jo, UFO, Drinking bleach - Oh no!
Mask your nose, Distance woes, Kim Jong Un a no-show

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
Senators investing
When they should be testing
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
It was fast evolving
Trump was busy golfing

Whatshisname, Stay At Home, Murder Hornets, Twilight Zone
Babies, Rain On Me, Hydroxychloroquine
BLM, Say Her Name, Racial justice reclaimed
Stop with the homocide, Protesting for what is right

Insurrection, Terf Wars, Space rocket, Locust swarm
Monuments brought down, Theaters are a ghost town
YouTube, KPOP stans ruining Trump’s rally plans
Karens going psycho, Aunt Jemima’s cancelled

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
There were people hurting
Now the city’s burning
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
When we all protested
The police arrested

Hamilfilm, No plan, Gotta make an OnlyFans
Dems nom Biden, Goodbye Chadwick Boseman
WAP is in my cranium, Cake is causing mania
Kanye, Philbin, Gimme more Battinson

Folklore, BTS, Take another COVID test
All these people passed away, I don’t know what else to say

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
Yeah the cases doubled
And we were in trouble
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
There was deep division
We just wouldn’t listen

Postal cut, Twitter hack, Willy Wonka, Wildcat
Heatwave, Rittenhouse - Tucker you can shut your mouth!
Lebanon, Bryce Hall, California fireball
Cottagecore, Asteroid, Screaming right into the void

$750 - YEAH RIGHT, Amy Coney Barrett fight
DracoTok, Fostered, Red is the Imposter
Fall Guys, RBG, Zendaya and AOC
Trump is getting pushy, Gotta Guard That Pussy

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
With the cases rising
They’re politicizing
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
You can say they’re lying
But there’s people dying

LA wins, Quibi down, Donald Trump has COVID now
Moon’s wet, Big Gretch, Johnny Depp, Big stretch
Voting early, Alcohol, Jerkin’ on a Zoom call
Rudy in reporter’s bed, There’s a fly on Pence’s head

Mail in ballots count for days, Steve Kornacki needs a raise
Flipping states, Landscapes, Thrown out court case
Winning Pennslyvania, Our VP is Kamala
Biden won the voting war - Trump won’t get another four!

2020’s Finally Over
Trump is not conceding
But he will be leaving
2020’s Finally Over
It will soon be gone
But it sure went on and on and on and on and on and on

We Didn’t Stop The Virus
A vaccine’s emerging
But there’s cases surging
We Didn’t Stop The Virus
Families may unravel
But you shouldn’t travel

2020’s Finally Over
I thought I’d be thriving
But I’m just surviving
2020’s Finally Over
We have finally lost it
And I’m just exhausted

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