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If You Get This Plant at Home, It Might Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Published on 28 Apr 2019 / In How-To & Guide

Many people aren’t aware of the incredible abilities of ordinary household plants to improve the microclimate in their homes. Do you have houseplants where you live or work? If your answer is “no”, be careful – after you watch this video and realize they don’t only soothe your eye but can boost your productivity and reduce anxiety, you might just add some greenery to your decor!

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Get rid of anxiety and depression 0:28
Lift your productivity levels 1:59
Purify the air 3:23
Heal your skin 4:59
Sleep better 5:52
Boost your memory 6:39

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- Jasmine’s aroma has amazing healing properties for your emotional condition. It improves the quality of air inside your home or office, and breathing in its soothing aroma can help improve your mood and help get rid of other mental health issues like panic attacks.
- Plant-free office environments have staff that’s 15% less productive. It looks like plants don’t just add beauty and coziness to office environments, but also work as natural productivity boosters as they improve air quality which has a direct correlation with energy levels.
- If you’re looking for a plant that’s easy to keep, modest-looking and even more effective than English ivy, mass cane or corn cane could be your best bet. It’s been shown to be the most effective at removing formaldehyde from the air.
- Aloe vera is the plant that comes to mind for most people when you think of healthy and life-improving. It’s the key compound in many creams and ointments, meds and drinks.
- A 2013 study of the effect of lavender on the nervous system by German and Iranian scientists has shown it does great when it comes to making you less nervous, anxious, and restless.
- Have you ever heard that rosemary is a great natural memory-booster? Folk medicine has used it for these purposes for centuries, and in 2013 in a Northumbria University study it became scientifically-proven.

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