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18 May 2020
Watch The Call of the Wild 2020 HD Full Movies Online
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9 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives


You've probably heard a lot of stories of pets saving their owners. However, history knows many cases of wild animals saving people's lives! We usually think of wild animals as beautiful yet dangerous, but they can be also capable of compassion and understanding. Here're 9 fascinating stories about wild animals who saved humans from danger.

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The whale that protected a woman from a shark 0:22

The beavers that comforted a young boy 1:12

The beluga whale that rescued a diver 2:11

The lions that saved a kidnapped girl 2:55

A deer that scared away an attacker 3:47

The elephant that saved a girl from a tsunami 4:31

The gorilla that guarded a little boy 5:13

The bear that protected a man from a lion 6:24

The giant sea turtle that carried a woman on its back 7:12

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- Humpback whales are extremely protective of their babies, always looking out for predators. So maybe it was simply a natural instinct for a whale to shield a helpless woman from a large, dangerous shark!
- A boy had to spend the night outside. When he woke up the next morning, he was really surprised to see 3 wild beavers sleeping against him! The temperature had dropped below zero, so if it wasn't for them, the young boy would most probably have frozen to death.
- One woman developed a cramp in her leg and found that she couldn't swim! The beluga whale in the tank noticed that something was wrong and grabbed the woman's leg, leading her to the surface and therefore saving her life.
- Back in 2005, a terrifying event happened to a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl. She was walking home from school when 4 men abducted her. The police started looking for the girl right away, but they had almost no leads for over a week. Finally, they found the girl safe and sound in the company of 3 adult lions!
- A young woman in Ohio was leaving a party at about 1 a.m. and decided to walk home on foot. An unknown man who grabbed her and hit her! He was just about to drag her into a field when he suddenly saw a deer who’d been woken up by the sounds of the woman struggling. This scared the man away, and he fled the scene immediately.
- In 2004, the southwest coast of southern Thailand was hit by a horrifying tsunami. Among the people who tried to flee from the tsunami was an 8-year-old girl. An elephant carried her to higher ground on its back and protected her from the approaching waves.
- A boy fell into a gorilla enclosure and passed out from a severe head injury. Jambo, one of the gorillas, instantly made it clear that the boy was protected, staying with him until zoo employees and medical workers arrived.
- A mountain lion attacked a man. The man did his best to protect himself when the bear he'd been watching before suddenly attacked the lion. These 2 had a serious battle for some time until the lion fled as fast as it could.
- In 1974, a 62-year-old woman found herself in a life-or-death situation when the ship she was on was wrecked. Nonetheless, she made it home alive — thanks to a giant sea turtle who came to her rescue!

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Watch The Call of the Wild 2020 HD Full Movies Online
18 May 2020
Watch The Call of the Wild 2020 HD Full Movies Online
alicaocean · 5 Views