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9 Math Riddles That'll Stump Even Your Smartest Friends

Published on 28 Apr 2019 / In How-To & Guide

Math puzzles and maths games continue to become more and more popular. They seem very easy at first, but many people end up getting them all wrong. Do you want to test your logic skills?

Your telephone's number pad 0:21
Fix a math equation 0:59
What is half of 2+2? 1:40
What is 50% divided by 2? 2:07
Make 1000 by using 8 exactly eight times 2:41
Can you take 1 from 19 and leave 20? 3:20
If 1/2 of 5 is 3, what is 1/3 of 10? 4:02
Thumbnail math game 4:41
Can you figure out the last number in the sequence? 5:33

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