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5-Hour Rule Most Successful People Started Following

Published on 28 Apr 2019 / In How-To & Guide

You learn, and you learn, and you learn, and still nothing happens. Why can't you succeed and go further? You just haven't tried the 5-hour rule! It's used by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and even Elon Musk. So if you wanna reach their level, here's what you should do!

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What will give you 33 percent of the result you want 1:02
Reflect on the information you read 1:36
Experiment, experiment, experiment! 2:10
These techniques can also make you just as extraordinary:
- The Eisenhower Matrix 2:47
- 90-minute intervals 3:55
- X method 4:33
- Peak hours 5:26
- Energy levels 6:14
- Four distractions 7:05
- 2-minute rule 8:11
- 80/20 rule 8:45
- Two pizzas rule 9:19

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- Read at least one hour a day. Read during breaks, before bed, or get into audio books. This will really push you towards the result you seek.
- The next step is reflection. Take time to reflect on what you read. How can you absorb and use it in life or work?
- Finally, experiment! If you’ve read new information, test it and see whether it works for you.
- The Eisenhower matrix was created by General Dwight Eisenhower and is mentioned in multiple productivity books, including the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.
- Researchers from Florida State discovered an interesting pattern – top performers from any field who focus on one thing for 90 minutes are much more productive than others who grind out hour after hour behind the desk.
- The X method is something you know very well already – you put up a calendar above your desk, set a goal for yourself, and put a big X for every day you stuck to it.
- To increase your productivity, you have to make your own schedule and figure out your 2-3 peak hours. For example, I can't focus well in the afternoon and evening – I’d rather just relax.
- Peak hours are best combined with your energy levels! Your energy may depend on the day of the week and affect your productivity.
- Mental distractions are thoughts that pop into your head that aren't connected to your goal. If you notice this type of distraction coming, just stop and ask yourself: what is my focus right now? This will snap you out of it.
- If your task can be done in just 2 minutes, do it!
- This productivity rule (also know as the Pareto Principle) is astounding, but true – roughly only 20 percent of what you do gives you 80 percent of the final results.
- Whenever you want to organize a meeting, ask yourself one simple question: can you order just 2 pizzas to feed everyone there? If it's more than 2, then your meeting team is way too big to be productive.
- Learn to say “no” to all the many attractive “shiny” things that call to you “Saying look at me, look at me”, begging for your attention, but only distract you and are ultimately a waste of your time.

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