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How to take BETTER PORTRAITS NOW!! A quick guide to better photos!
10 Dec 2019
How to take BETTER PORTRAITS NOW!! A quick guide to better photos!
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18 Photos You Won't Find in History Books


Photos from the past also managed to capture a lot of interesting things. Here’s a collection of rare images that will remain in history forever (don’t miss the first picture – it’s pretty naughty!)

The very first photo of a human being 0:44
An Indian tattoo on the face 1:11
The first known photograph of an obscene gesture 1:49
Students after a snowball fight 2:15
A sculptor helps a veteran disguise the consequences of injuries 2:40
The tallest person in the history of medical observations 3:14
A German worker refuses to raise his hand in the Nazi salute 3:45
The future Queen Elizabeth II serving in the army 4:19
American soldiers returning home 4:38
Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield 4:59
The woman with the thinnest waist in the world 5:29
The Beatles crossing Abbey Road in the opposite direction 6:08
One of "Uncle Sam’s" prototypes 6:38
A family photo on the surface of the Moon 7:00
Iranian pop singers before the 1979 Islamic Revolution 7:29
Kurt Cobain plays an imaginary guitar 7:49
Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar 8:18

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- There could have been a lot more people in the image, but because of the long exposure, Daguerre managed to capture only a shoe cleaner and his client.
- Olive Oatman’s parents were killed in 1859 when she was only 14 years old. She was kidnapped by Indians and then sold into the slavery of the Mohave.
- Apparently, the photographer did something wrong to baseball player Charles Radbourn because he (without thinking twice) showed the middle finger at the camera.
- This is what these Princeton students looked like after a seemingly innocent snowball fight. They could easily be mistaken for soldiers who have just returned from a battlefield or for the victims of angry bees.
- At the beginning of the 20th century, plastic surgery was far from perfect, but it had an alternative: masks replacing lost parts of the face. One of the experts in making such masks was the sculptor Anna Coleman Ladd.
- The “Alton Giant,” Robert Pershing Wadlow, remains the tallest man in the world’s history: he was 8′ 11” (272 cm) tall and weighed 439 lb (199 kg).
- This man’s name is August Landmesser. With his gesture, he expressed disagreement with the policy of the Third Reich because of which he couldn’t marry a Jewish woman, Irma Eckler.
- Of course, the beer wasn’t fuel. This was the way it was carried to British soldiers fighting in Normandy during World War II. And before they started to pour beer into fuel tanks, barrels were attached to the fighters instead of munition.
- During World War II, the future Queen of England served in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service as a mechanic and ambulance driver. In this photo, Princess Elizabeth holds a clock in her hands — a gift from her coworkers.
- After the military action in Western Europe was finished, the dreadnought Queen Elizabeth safely delivered American soldiers to New York.
- This is how Sophia Loren herself described this situation: "Paramount had organized a party for me. All of the cinema was there. And then in comes Jayne Mansfield, the last one to come.
- British woman Ethel Granger decided to change extremely to please her husband, William. She had to wear corsets, not taking them off at night, as well as high heels and pretentious piercings, for which Ethel’s husband personally pierced her nose with a silver needle.
- Most of us have seen the photo of the famous "Abbey Road" cover. Yet there are other pictures of the band made in the same place — 6 of them.
- Uncle Sam, strictly watching from campaign posters, is a collective image. However, in this photo, it’s easy to see the similarity of the "uncle" with one of his prototypes — a veteran named Walter Botts.
- Astronaut Charles Duke, who took part in the Apollo 16 mission as a Lunar Module Pilot, left his family photo (Charles, his wife, Dorothy, and their sons Charles Jr. and Thomas) on the surface of the Moon.
- Before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, many Iranians looked like Europeans or Americans: they wore fashionable clothes, women didn’t hide their hair, and they didn’t even hesitate to appear on a beach in a bikini.
- Lenny Kravitz posted this photo on his Instagram, saying it was made on September 2, 1993, during the MTV Music Awards ceremony. Lenny was playing his hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way,“ and Kurt, standing behind the scenes, ”accompanied" him on an imaginary guitar.

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How to take BETTER PORTRAITS NOW!! A quick guide to better photos!
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How to take BETTER PORTRAITS NOW!! A quick guide to better photos!
VidYou! · 2 Views