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10 Places Where You Shouldn't Keep Your Phone

Published on 26 Jun 2019 / In How-To & Guide

Today it’s difficult (if not impossible) to find a person without a phone. We take them with us everywhere, even in the shower and in bed. However, keeping your phone in some places can be really dangerous for your device and, even worse, for your health.

Did you know, for example, that keeping a phone in the front pocket can have a really negative effect on men’s health? A study from the University of Exeter has proven that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by phones adversely affects the quality and quantity of sperm. The longer a man keeps his phone in his pants, the higher the risk! As for ladies, they aren’t safe either! Even though there’s still no consensus about whether or not cell phone radiation causes cancer, scientists recommend keeping your phone away from your breasts.

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In your back pocket 0:35
In your front pocket 1:50
In your bra 2:35
On your hip 2:52
Against your skin 3:24
On the charger 4:05
In cold places 4:31
In hot places 5:17
In the stroller 5:52
Under your pillow 6:22
How to use your phone without damaging your posture 7:46
Simple rules that reduce the risk of back problems 8:58

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- It’s definitely way more comfortable to carry your phone in the back pocket of your pants, but it can also be really dangerous. First of all, it’s too easy to break the phone’s screen because many people forget that about having it in their back pocket and end up sitting on their own phone.
- The scientists measured the bone density of 150 men who carried their phones on their hips regularly. Their bone mineral density was slightly lower on the side where they kept their phones than on the other side.
- Don’t hold your cell phone against your skin because when you do this, bacteria from the screen (that you touch with your hands, which touch the world around you!) get right on your face.
- It’s better not to leave your cell phone charging overnight. This can shorten the life of the phone’s battery and reduce the battery’s efficiency.
- If it’s cold outside and the temperature drops below zero, you should take special care of your phone. Don’t leave it on the street or in the car for a long time.
- Your high-tech devices are more vulnerable than you think. They can’t stand high temperatures either. On really hot days, we don’t recommend leaving your phone in the car or on the beach because the battery may overheat and even explode
- Sometimes moms in a hurry throw their cell phones in their baby strollers without a second thought. But maybe they should think twice. Cell phones can cause behavioral problems like hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.
-Over long periods of time, electromagnetic radiation can cause headaches and dizziness. If your phone is right under your pillow at night, well, that’s just easy access to your head.

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