About VidYou!

About VidYou!


What is VidYou?
VidYou! is a video collection app. A video website to showcase users' favorite videos and movies.


VidYou! allows users to import their favorite online videos, create channels and playlists. Users can watch, like, and comment on others' favorite videos and movies.


What can I do with VidYou?
VidYou! is a video bookmarking tool that provides an easy way to collect, organize and share your favorite YouTube/Dailymotion/Vimeo videos on your own channel! You can also subscribe and follow video collections created by other users!


When you sign up on VidYou! you get your own profile page, you can then see your watch history, liked videos and can add videos to watch later.


Why should I use VidYou?
Do you watch videos online? Who doesn't! Now you can easily collect and share all your favorite videos by simply importing them into your own channel!


VidYou! gives non-creator users the chance to curate their favorite videos on a single page thus making sharing easier and very attractive!


How to use VidYou?
To import a video, simply click the Import or + button, paste the video link from YouTube/Dailymotion/Vimeo, then click "Import Video" to see the magic!


Can I make money with VidYou?
Yes, you can make money by selling your videos, and with ads on your videos!


When you enable Monetization, we’ll do our best to serve ads around your eligible videos, and you will earn for each advertisement click you get from your videos!


Ad revenue sharing is still in beta. For now, you might not see much earnings, but opting in to the program means you’ll benefit in the future.


Can I advertise with VidYou?
Yes, you can. Advertising on VidYou! is super easy. Just add funds to your VidYou! wallet using PayPal/Debit or Credit card, then simply create your ad and publish!


So… what are you waiting for?
Discover and collect, watch and share your favorite videos!




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